Easy Pinata Filler Ideas Other Than Candy

Easy Pinata Filler Ideas Other Than Candy

Piñata is a decorative container/figure of different shapes filled with other things and presented to the kids during celebrations. Piñata is a Spanish word that means pot. This vessel/pot represents the victory of good over evil.

The traditional piñata was in the shape of a star with seven coned. At events, people break piñatas with the belief of beating evil and think it’s the good ones who win! The concept of piñata originated so many years before, but people are profoundly following this concept all over the world.

Piñata History

Most people who use piñatas to celebrate their occasions are unaware of their origin. Piñatas started in China in the 13th century when people decorated the piñatas with unique colors to welcome the New Year.

In the 14th century, piñatas reached Europe; since then, they have been continuously used for fun and other beliefs. Over time, people have changed the concept of using piñatas, and their latest trend is filling piñatas with kids’ favorite items. So, they can break the piñatas and get them out.

What to fill inside the piñata?

This article will discuss the easy piñata-filling ideas that are non-candy. As too many sweets and candies are unsuitable for kids’ health and teeth, parents are more concerned about filling them with healthy or valuable things.

So, if you are ready to know what to fill inside your piñata, read the list below!

1 Painting Accessories

Do you want your kid’s attention to divert from the traditional candy fillers? Here are kids’ favorite painting accessories that can be excellent replacements for candies. In the market, there is a massive range of miniature and exciting shaped colors and painting pencils that you can fill in.

2 Hair Accessories

If you are filling piñata for your baby girl, what’s most exciting than the girly hair accessories collection. You can use beautiful hair ties, bands, bows clips, or your girl’s favorite accessories in them.

3 Sticker Sheets

Stickers are every kid’s favorite, even if they have a lot already in the bag. The sticker market always offers endless options, so you can buy different shapes or your kid’s favorite cartoon characters to fill piñatas.

4 Fruit Snacks

Well, food is every kid’s, first love. But as you can’t choose sweet, unhealthy candies, what about something healthy? Yes! Fruit smack packs are highly recommended non-candy filler for your piñatas.

However, ensure that the fruits are fresh and don’t fill the piñata many days before the event.

5 Miniature Toys

The market is flooded with mini cartoon character toys you can use as piñata filler. It’s a cost-effective option as a complete pack of toys is just a few dollars and lasts for months.

6 Study Accessories

Other than painting accessories, you can fill piñatas with study items like erasers, pencils, sharpeners, highlighters, tapes, glue, or other items.

As we have already discussed many piñata filler options, let’s talk about the basics of this process, “the piñatas.” If you have not brought a piñata yet, check Alibaba.com for a massive custom pinata collection.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this list will help you explore more non-candy filler options. When choosing the filler, pick something more functional and valuable for your kids, like accessories, painting items, toys, and other things.