Frequently Asked Questions About The Caliburn Pod System

Frequently Asked Questions About The Caliburn Pod System

The Caliburn Pod System is one to get used to, as long as you have a Caliburn product from UWELL.The process of using this system is easy, and you do not exactly require any special procedures. The only complexity of the Caliburn Pod system is that they come in different products, making it a bit confusing to enjoy. However, the Caliburn pod system works the same way, irrespective of the product you choose. It may only have a different shape, which will cause you to ask questions. Some of these frequently asked questions are what we want to study with this article.

How frequently does it need a refill?

Always remember that when you have a Caliburn pod system, there is a lifespan, and it can not last forever. Hence, you will be able to refill it perfectly. If you have an authentic product, the Caliburn pod system should allow you to refill for up to forty refills. After this, the best choice is to replace the cartridge after inspection. It is possible to refill more than forty times, and it is possible to not refill up to that period. It all depends on the type of liquid that has been entering into the pod system. If the liquid you put into the system has a high VG, you may not refill up to twenty times.

How can I fill the Caliburn Pod?

Refilling a Caliburn pod is a relatively easy process. All you need is to take out the cartridge from the device. After removing the cartridge from the device, hold its body well and remove the cap. Usually, the cap has black color. If what you have is a new device, removing the device will take a bit of pressure from either side. After that, you can now fill the cartridge up with the proper process. Usually, there is a hole on the left, right, and middle. You can use either one of the left and right holes to fill up your cartridge. The hole in the middle is a chimney, and if you fill through this place, you are risking a leaking device.

Is Caliburn compatible with any e-juice?

While vaping, it is important to know what you are taking in. Luckily, the Caliburn cartridge works well with just about any e-juice to make the vape. You should, however, note that the VG reading of your e-juice will affect the lifespan of that cartridge. We strongly advise that you stay consistent with the 50VG e-juice so that you can keep refilling for a long period.


If you have chosen UWELL as your manufacturer for your vaping materials, then you picked a brand that prides itself in innovation. That means there is a different creative process for each product that they release into the market. The Caliburn series has been one of the markets that have experienced massive creativity. There are eight products with their respective features under this category, including the Caliburn G, Caliburn GK2, A2 and so on. Luckily, the brand has managed to stick to the Pod system overall Caliburn products. But they still have some additional questions, which we have answered with this guide.